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General Properties

Chemical Formula ZnO
Molecular weight 81.83
Apperance White Powder
Melting Point 1975 0C
Specific Gravity 5.4-5.6
Bulk (apparent) 0.6 - 0.7 g/cm3
Solubility Insoluble in water, soluble in acids & bases.

French Production Process


PT. Citra CakraLogam adopts the French Production Process to manufacture high grade zinc oxide. This process uses special high grade zinc ingots as the primary raw material for production. It also allows flexibility in the control of purity, color and physical property. The zinc oxide produced by French (indirect) process has distinct advantages over material produced by other processes.

Zinc Oxide produced by French (indirect) process has distinct advantages over material produced by other processes, these advantages are :

  1. Consistently fine particle sizes
  2. Consistently high purity
  3. Consistently good white color

Its uniform particle size, purity and color enable users to apply standard formulations without the complication of having to vary formulations to accomodate variations common to material from many other processes.


IMAGES White Seal Product Red Seal Product
Zinc Oxide (ZnO)99.8000 % min99.500 % min
Lead (Pb)0.0050 % max0.1000 % max
Cadmium (Cd)0.0010 % max0.0100 % max
Iron (Fe)0.0005 % max0.0100 % max
Cooper (Cu)0.0005 % max0.0010 % max
Manganese (Mn)0.0005 % max0.0010 % max
Specific Gravity5.6 approx5.6 approx
Bulk Density0.6 - 0.7 g/cm30.6 - 0.7 g/cm3
Mean Particle Diameter0.2 micron0.2 micron
Fineness 325 Mesh99.9500 % min99.9000 % min
Recomended UseCeramic
Feed Mill


This product is widely applied as :

  • Rubber Compound
  • Tyre
  • Ceramic
  • Fritz
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fertilizer
  • Animal Feedmill


We have supplied to 16 various kind of industries of over 100 Customers.

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Quality Assurance

1. Zinc Oxide of various grades is manufactured by French (indirect) process using modern technology and equipment to meet variety of applications. It is very high quality and generally conform to the world standards.

Our high quality Zinc Oxide is widely accepted by both domestic and international customers through stringent quality control and highly efficient production.

2. We can also provide our products to be customly tailored/processed with different specifications and needs to meet customer's requirements.

ISO Certificate

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SNI Certificate

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REACH Certificate

REACH registration certificate


HALAL Certificate



Packaging and Distribution

Zinc Oxide is packed in a standard 25 kilogram 1 ply woven polypropylene with inner liner, other bags that can be provided are the jumbo bag for 500 kg and 900 kg. The package will be delivered through our own distribution channel to ensure it arrives to the customers facilities in the required time.


                                     ZnO 25 Kg            ZnO 500 Kg                              ZnO 900 Kg


With proper package customized to customer request, we have delivered our product to 11 Countries. 

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